• 26-septembre-2014


    Le tourisme et l'économie créative

    Alors que l'importance de l'économie créative continue de croître, de fortes synergies entre le tourisme et les industries créatives émergent offrant ainsi un potentiel considérable pour amplifier la demande touristique et développer de nouveaux produits, expériences et marchés. Ces nouveaux liens entrainent le passage d’un modèle classique de tourisme culturel vers de nouveaux modèles de tourisme créatif basés sur la culture

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  • 25-September-2013


    Local Partnership Strategies in Upper Austria: Supporting youth employment and apprenticeships

    This short thematic paper summarises the key findings of the study visit.

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  • 24-April-2012


    Study visit: Partnership strategies for youth employment (Upper Austria, Austria)

    Issues covered during the study visit included exploring features unique to the Austrian system, such as the dual apprenticeship system and qualification guarantees. The structure and targets of the Territorial Employment Pact were discussed and project visits to relevant initiatives organised.

  • 26-janvier-2012


    8ème réunion annuelle du Forum de LEED de l’OCDE sur les partenariats et la gouvernance locale (Berlin, Allemagne)

    La transition de l’éducation au travail n’est pas chose facile pour de nombreux jeunes, particulièrement lorsqu’il s’agit de trouver un emploi durable ayant des possibilités d’avancement.

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  • 5-December-2011


    Intellectual Assets and Innovation: The SME Dimension

    This report examines the relationship between SMEs' management of intellectual assets, innovation and competitiveness.

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  • 15-April-2011


    Forum thematic brochures: Partnerships and environmental issues

    This LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance thematic brochure reviews the experience of partnerships in different countries in addressing the implications of climate change and creating employment at local level.

  • 10-March-2011


    7th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance (Vienna, Austria)

    How can local economic development projects integrate social and employment objectives? How can labour market policy support economic growth? Answers to this and other issues were discussed at the 7th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance.

  • 11-October-2010


    Study visit: Partnerships & the green economy (Austria and Slovenia)

    The study visit offered the possibility to: (i) get insights about the regional green skills strategy; (ii) learn about the organisational and funding structure of the regional green policy; (iii) network with people running green projects; (iv) visit of a similar project in Slovenia.

  • 16-February-2010


    6th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance (Vienna, Austria)

    Despite the first signs of economic recovery, unemployment will remain high for the years to come. The 6th Annual Meeting brought together some 200 representatives of all the components of the society to review how local development actors are adapting to this new reality.

  • 15-February-2010


    OECD Tourism Trends & Policies 2010

    This book defines the major trends and challenges facing tourism in the next decade – from globalisation to environmental issues. Tourism data from 42 countries are presented and analysed including all OECD countries, and fast-growing tourism centres such as Brazil, Chile, China and India.

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