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  • 14-June-2004


    Attracting, Developing and Retaining Effective Teachers - Report on Canada

    This major project was carried out to assist governments with designing and implementing teacher policies to improve teaching and learning in schools. View reports on Canada, one of 25 countries that took part.

  • 7-May-2004

    English, , 260kb

    Environmental Policy Tools and Firm-Level Management Practices in Canada

    This report provides an overview of environmental management practices and the environmental policy framework in Canadian manufacturing facilities. It is one of seven national reports produced, and is an initial output from the OECD Environment Directorate project on ‘environmental policy tools and firm-level management’.

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  • 6-May-2004


    National Contact Points for Co-operation Against Fraudulent and Deceptive Commercial Practices

    This list of national contact points has been provided by member country governments to facilitate co-operation against cross-border fraud.

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  • 17-février-2004

    Français, , 3,353kb

  • 16-February-2004

    English, , 132kb

    Canada: Competition Law and Policy in 2002-2003

    In this report, the country summarizes the main developments in competition law and policy in 2002-2003.

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  • 16-octobre-2003


    Réunion du Forum Mondial de l’OCDE sur la Fiscalité, 14-15 octobre 2003

    Cette réunion du Forum mondial de l’OCDE sur la fiscalité a rassemblé des représentants de 40 gouvernements OCDE et non OCDE qui sont engagés envers les principes de transparence et d’échange effectif de renseignements à des fins

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  • 6-September-2003


    Measurement of Output, Value Added, GDP in Canada and the United States: Similarities and Differences

    Statistics Working Paper N. 7 - 2003/4 - This paper provides, in a summary fashion, similarities and differences in the production accounts of Canada and the United States. The discussion is limited to those issues which affect the level of output, value added and GDP, both at the total economy level and by industry or sector, all at current prices. We have noted 27 issues, distributed under four broad headings: A). An examination of

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  • 27-January-2003


    Venture Capital Policy Review: Canada (Working Paper 2003/4)

    This paper analyses trends in Canadian venture capital markets and makes policy recommendations which have been developed through an OECD peer review process.

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  • 14-January-2003

    English, , 100kb

    Canada: Competition Law and Policy in 2001-2002

    In this report, the country summarizes the main developments in competition law and policy in 2001-2002.

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  • 29-octobre-2002

    Français, , 632kb

    La capacité du gouvernement à produire des réglementations de grande qualité au Canada

    Le présent rapport "La capacité du gouvernement à produire des réglementations de grande qualité" analyse le cadre institutionnel et l’utilisation des instruments de politique au Canada.

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