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Case study: The Programme for Socio-economic Development of Communes Facing Extreme Difficulties in Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Areas in Viet Nam


The Socio economic Development Programme for Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Areas (P135) in Viet Nam provides an example of operationalising the Paris Declaration and the Hanoi Core Statement on Aid Effectiveness. The P135 has supported a vast number of small infrastructure projects and training courses for community staff. This, together with a participatory and decentralised approach, has contributed to enhancing people’s participation and empowerment in commune level government.

The programme is based on national strategies and has a comprehensive system of indicators to monitor regular implementation and evaluate outcomes and impacts, disaggregated by sex, on ethnic minorities and the poor. The cornerstone of P135’s results-based management is its Implementation Roadmap, which was developed in wide consultation with key stakeholders.



Photo: H'Mong children in Na Hau attending school (DFID, Viet Nam)


A mid-term review was carried out at the end of 2008 by donors and the government. A review of the sector budget support has also been conducted and, as a result, a revised policy matrix adopted. Gender equality has been incorporated into this policy matrix.


The P135 also has a comprehensive audit plan with annual audits that contributes to effectiveness and accountability, and is the first government programme to officially involve civil society in design and implementation. 


Photo: Giang Thi Lau Family, H'Mong Minority in Nau Hau (DFID, Viet Nam) 


This is a model for other programmes in Viet Nam aiming to implement the Paris Declaration and to manage budget support to strengthen government programming.

The original version of this case study was used as an example of Managing for Development Results (MfDR) in the report “Key messages and case studies for the HLF-3 Roundtables from the workshop on "Strengthening the development results and impacts of the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness through work on gender equality, social exclusion and human rights", London, 12-13 March 2008”.


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