Une coopération pour le développement efficace

Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness: Summaries of thematic sessions and Building Blocks


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Special session on gender equality




Summary of the opening plenary on day 1

 Speeches from the opening ceremony on day 2



Thematic sessions


Ownership and accountability

Country systems

Aid fragmentation Aid predictability and transparency Results
Capacity development Rights-based approaches Fragility, conflict and vulnerability

South-South and triangular co-operation

Public-private co-operation



 Special session on gender equality



Building Blocks


The building blocks are initiatives which countries and organisations can support on a voluntary basis.

See the list of supporters for the building blocks

 Three plenary sessions were held - each focussing on a particular thematic area. These plenaries were then sub-divided by topic.

Plenary 1

Unfinished business and remaining challenges

Plenary 2

Diversity and opportunities in an evolving development landscape

Plenary 3

Catalysing development: How to maximise impact on development? 

Plenary 4




Results and accountability




Managing diversity and reducing fragmentation

South-South and triangular co-operation


Fragile States


Climate finance

Effective institutions and policies


Private sector

Towards a new consensus on aid and development



Summary of the closing ceremony on day 3