• 26-May-2015


    Business brief: Innovation and urban mobility in Brazil

    “What is the city but the people?” asked Shakespeare in Coriolanus. All city planning focuses on people and the quality of life. The big cities in Brazil took shape from the 1950s, when the country’s population amounted to approximately 52 million inhabitants, only 36.2% of whom lived in cities.

  • 25-July-2013


    Start-up Latin America: Promoting Innovation in the Region

    Start-ups are gaining momentum in Latin America's innovation strategies. Start-up Latin America: Promoting Innovation in the Region analyses the role of policies in promoting the creation and expansion of start-ups. It provides a comparative snapshot of recent initiatives in six countries in the region to identify good practices and foster knowledge sharing to improve innovation policy design and implementation.

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  • 4-juin-2007


    L’OCDE appelle les pouvoirs publics à agir fermement vis-à-vis de la contrefaçon

    Les gouvernements doivent travailler plus étroitement avec les entreprises et renforcer leur action répressive face au gonflement des échanges mondiaux de produits contrefaits et piratés, selon un nouveau rapport de l’OCDE.

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