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  • 23-October-2007


    OECD LEED Conference on “Perspectives on Strengthening Entrepreneurship in East Germany”, Berlin, Germany, 27 November 2007

    The conference was part of the project "Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in East Germany", which assesses the opportunities and barriers for entrepreneurship in East Germany.

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  • 1-October-2007


    Globalisation and Regional Economies: Can OECD Regions Compete in Global Industries?

    Despite concern about the negative impacts of globalisation on the economies of OECD regions, "Globalisation and Regional Economies" presents evidence that region-specific advantages remain a significant source of productivity gain for firms.

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  • 18-September-2007

    English, , 260kb

    Education at a Glance 2007 - Briefing note Germany

    This note contrasts key findings for Germany with global trends among OECD countries, under the headings: quantity and quality challenges, equity challenges, and resource and efficiency challenges.

  • 23-août-2007


    Vieillissement et service public: Les défis des ressources humaines

    La main-d'oeuvre du secteur public vieillit encore plus rapidement que le reste de la société. Cette publication examine l'expérience de neuf pays membres de l'OCDE dans ce domaine.

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  • 10-July-2007


    Deutschland sollte Migranten zu besseren Chancen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt verhelfen

    „Jobs for Immigrants: Labour Market Integration in Australia, Denmark, Germany and Sweden“ - Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund haben es auf dem deutschen Arbeitsmarkt deutlich schwererer, eine angemessene Beschäftigung zu finden als Personen ohne Migrationshintergrund. Dies ist zum Teil auf das geringere Bildungsniveau von Migranten zurückzuführen. Doch auch bei gleicher Bildung schneiden Migranten und deren Kinder deutlich

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  • 3-July-2007


    OECD Rural Policy Reviews: Germany

    "OECD Territorial Reviews: Germany" discusses the challenges and opportunities of German rural areas. It will be of interest to policy makers, researchers, NGOs and others active in rural development.

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  • 4-June-2007

    German, , 37kb

    Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Germany 2007

    IEA lobt Deutschland für solide Energiepolitik und ruft die Regierung dringlichst dazu auf, den Nuklearausstieg zu überdenken, und sich auf Energiemarktreform und Klimapolitik zu konzentrieren.

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  • 3-mai-2007


    Travaux de l'OCDE sur les priorités du G8 au Sommet de 2007

    Pour le sommet de 2007 à Heiligendamm, Allemagne, les principales priorités établies par la chancelière Angela Merkel étaient la maîtrise de la mondialisation et l'aide au développement en Afrique.

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  • 16-April-2007


    Baltic Partnerships: Integration, Growth and Local Governance in the Baltic Sea Region

    This book analyses new economic development in the Baltic States and Northwest Russia and provides suggestions on how to speed up this progress.

  • 26-March-2007

    English, , 187kb

    Funding Systems and Their Effects on Higher Education Systems Country Study– Germany

    The opinions expressed and arguments employed herein do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Organisation or of the governments of its member countries.The OECD does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this publication and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequence of their use.

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