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Responsible agricultural supply chains


As the demand for food increases driven by growing populations, higher incomes and changing diets, agriculture attracts growing investment, particularly in developing countries where investment stocks in agriculture are relatively low.

Enterprises operating along agricultural supply chains are confronted with ethical dilemmas and face challenges in observing internationally agreed principles of responsible business conduct, notably in countries with weak governance and insecure land rights.

To respond to this challenge, the OECD and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations have developed guidance to:

  • Help enterprises observe standards of responsible business conduct and undertake due diligence along agricultural supply chains to ensure that their operations do not lead to adverse impacts and contribute to sustainable development;

> Read the draft FAO-OECD Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains

public consultation on the draft guidance was held during January and February 2015. The guidance will be finalised in December 2015 and implemented through various activities in the following years.



27-30 October 2015: Sustainability by enterprises, a new way of doing business | Article

18-19 June 2015: Due diligence along agricultural supply chains at 3rd Global Forum on RBC

10 June 2015: Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case | White Paper 

26 March 2015: World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 

2-3 December 2014: Does responsible business conduct matter?' | Presentation

26 June 2014: RBC along agricultural supply chains at 2nd Global Forum on RBC



To lead this work, a multi-stakeholder Advisory Group was established in October 2013.

> Advisory Group's summary records: 
1st meeting | 2nd meeting | 3rd meeting.



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