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Post-Bali Agricultural and Trade Policy Options: Focus on China - Workshop


Post-Bali Agricultural and Trade Policy Options: Focus on China

Landmark Hotel, Beijing, China
23 October 2014

Organised jointly by the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of the Ministry of Agriculture (ATPC/MoA) and the OECD


Information for participants

The ATPC is kindly inviting all participants to attend 2014 China AG Trade Fair to be held in Qingdao, Shandong Province from 25-28 October 2014. Download an introductory note on this event. Should you have any questions about AG Trade Fair, please contact Mr. Zhang Junping (, Division Director, Trade Promotion Division, ATPC.


This workshop looks at implications of the Bali meeting for agricultural and trade policy options with a special focus on China. In light of the outcome of the Bali meeting, the workshop will address various aspects of the Doha agriculture agenda, including market access, domestic support, export competition, and public stockholding.

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Session details

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Opening Session

  • Chair: Ni Hongxing, Director General, Agricultural Trade Promotion Center (ATPC), MOA, China

Opening statements:

  • Trudy Witbreuk, Head of Division, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD
  • Ulla Kask, Counsellor, WTO
  • Sun Zhenyu, Chairman of China Society for World Trade Organization Studies, former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of China to the WTO

Keynote speech

  • Qian Keming, Chief Economist, MOA 

Coffee/tea break


Session I: Global market of agricultural products: characteristics and trends

  • Chair: Frank van Tongeren, OECD


  • Projections of production, prices and trade for key agricultural commodities for 2014-2023: Globally and in China – Andrzej Kwiecinski, OECD – PPT
  • Production/demand and import/export of China's agricultural products: Status quo and trend – Zhu Jing, Nanjing Agricultural University – PPT
  • Policy environment surrounding agricultural trade – Nanae Yabuki, FAO RAP – PPT

Panel discussion:

  • Alberto Riva, Elanco Animal Health – PPT
  • Lv Xiangdong, ATPC – PPT

Open discussion: All participants

Lunch break


Session II: Domestic support

  • Chair: Xie Jianmin, Deputy Director General of the Department of International Cooperation, MOA


  • Agricultural support policy options under new circumstances – Cheng Guoqiang, DRC – PPT
  • Public stockholding – the road to Bali and the lessons learned – Ulla Kask, WTO – PPT
  • The evolution of US agricultural support policies and briefing of 2014 US Farm Bill – Jason Hafemeister, Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA – PPT

Panel discussion:

  • Zhong Funing, Nanjing Agriculture Univeristy – PPT
  • Margaret Zeigler, GHI – PPTPaperIssue Brief

Open discussion: All participants

Coffee/tea break


Session III: Market access and export competition

  • Chair: Trudy Witbreuk, OECD


  • Overview of key issues on market access – Carmel Cahill, OECD – PPT
  • Market openness and China's agricultural development – Huang Jikun, CAS – PPT
  • Import surges and SSM revisited – Jamie Morrison, FAO – PPTPaper
  • Market access in Post-Bali agriculture negotiation and China's agriculture – Tian Zhihong, China Agricultural University – PPT
  • Overview of issues on export competition – Frank van Tongeren, OECD –PPT

Open discussion: All participants


Session IV: Post-Bali agricultural policy options and Summaries

  • Chair: Xu Hongyuan, Deputy Director General, ATPC/MOA

Panel discussion:

  • Andrzej Kwiecinski, OECD
  • Win-win strategy on food security –Aisha Moriani, Pakistan Mission to the WTO – PPT
  • Import/export of agricultural products and trade policy – Han Yijun, China Agricultural University – PPT

Open discussion: All participants


  • Carmel Cahill, Senior Counsellor, OECD
  • Ni Hongxing, Director General, ATPC/MOA



Friday, 24 October 2014

Study tour in the Beijing area organised by the ATPC/MOA 


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