Workshop on Opportunities and Challenges of Fisheries Globalisation


Hosted jointly by the OECD Fisheries Policies Division and FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department



16-17 April 2007, Paris


A number of Delegations and Institutions participated in financing this Workshop.


Opening Addresses were delivered by
Einar K. GUDFINNSSON, Minister of Fisheries, Iceland
Abraham IYAMBO, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

Lori Ridgeway
Director General, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada will chair the Workshop


Background and Objectives

  • bring together policy makers and industry representatives from both developed and developing countries to discuss opportunities and challenges arising from the process of globalisation in the fishing sector with respect to the different elements of the value chain;
  • identify policy insights and lessons from this exchange of views and experiences and identify the issues and challenges in reaping the benefits from globalisation in each element of the value chain; and to
  • undertake a forward-looking assessment of the role of proactive policies in ensuring that society reaps the potential benefits from globalisation while minimising adverse impacts.

The objectives of the Workshop were met through a series of sessions addressing the particular aspects and issues of globalisation faced by the various elements of the value chain. Each session addressed: 1) the particularities of fish from wild harvest and aquaculture and 2) the special issues that developing countries are faced with.

To allow for as much discussion as possible, each session contained a few (maximum three) presentations/papers followed by an opening discussant and plenary discussion.

The Draft Programme  has been available since 26th April 2007. If you follow this link, you will have access to power point presentations that are downloadable in pdf format under each individual speaker's name.


Queries should be addressed to: Emily Andrews-Chouicha (email: emily.andrews-chouicha@oecd.org)


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