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Trade openness has a positive net impact on food security, but trade openness also needs to be accompanied by complementary policy measures. The challenge is to design flanking policies which enable countries to reap aggregate gains and mitigate specific losses that can impact some individuals or groups.

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Publications & Papers

The use of antimicrobials in livestock has substantially contributed to a reduction of infectious diseases. But resistant pathogens have emerged. This report explores the economic impact of withdrawing antimicrobial growth promoters in livestock production.


Reducing food losses and food waste is attracting growing public attention and is widely acknowledged to contribute to addressing food security, climate change, and water shortage challenges. This paper takes stock of available data on food waste and explores related policies in OECD countries.


Using the IMPACT model, this paper investigates how climate change can affect agricultural production and proposes adaptation measures that could be undertaken to mitigate the negative effects while enhancing the positive ones. The paper highlights possible strategies for reducing risk and improving resilience.

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> Download the free policy paper


> Download the free policy paper


This report considers developments in agricultural patents since 1990 and their economic implications. The results point to favourable economic developments associated with patent reforms in recent decades.


This paper investigates farmers’ incentives to participate voluntarily in carbon offset markets when environmental credit stacking is allowed, that is, when farmers can stack water quality credits with carbon credits.


This publication contains statistics on fisheries in OECD member countries and selected non-member economies from 2006 to 2013.

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Download the free policy paper


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Topics & Statistics

> Agricultural Policies & Support
> Agricultural Trade
> Fisheries
> Non-tariff measures
> Sustainable Agriculture
> Water use in Agriculture
> AMIS Agricultural Market Monitor
> Agri-environmental indicators
> Export restrictions on raw materials

Statistics & Databases

> Agricultural Outlook
> Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation
> Producer and consumer support estimates database
> Fertiliser and biofuels support policies database



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