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  • 17-January-2017

    English, PDF, 1,299kb

    Pesca y acuicultura en Colombia

    Este informe preparado por la OCDE apoya la revisión de Colombia asumida por el comité de pesca de la OCDE como parte del proceso de acceso de Colombia a la OCDE. Esta es la traducción al español del reporte original.

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  • 10-November-2016


    Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in the United States

    The US food and agriculture sector is innovative, competitive and export-oriented. Changes in national and global demand offer further opportunities for US agri-food products, although climate change and other resource constraints could create additional challenges, in particular in some regions. Maintaining high productivity growth, while improving the sustainable use of resources will require further innovation. In a policy environment generally favourable to investment  and innovation, the strong US agricultural innovation system is expected to continue to create innovations that will be widely adopted, to the extent that these can be widely accepted. 
  • 13-October-2016


    Conference: Combating Tax Crime and Other Crimes in the Fisheries Sector

    This OECD expert workshop will bring together experts to assess available data and methodologies to calculate both Total Factor Productivity and Environmentally Adjusted Total Factor Productivity for the aggregate agricultural sector.

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  • 11-October-2016


    Fighting fish crime through global co-operation - OECD Insights blog

    Together countries and organisations can support efforts to fight fisheries related crimes by sharing good practices, collaborating on projects and promoting effective inter-agency co-operation at national, regional and international level.

  • 26-September-2016


    Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Turkey

    Productivity growth in the Turkish agricultural sector is supported today by better technologies, crop varieties and animal breeds. Yet improvements have slowed since the late 2000s, and the productivity gap between agriculture and the rest of the economy remains large. To overcome these challenges, Turkey will need to reduce the substantial technological and human resource disparities between small-holder and commercial segments in agriculture, and ensure more equal regional development. Considerable structural adjustment is also required, both within agriculture and in the overall economy, supported by broad policy actions in the areas of labour, education, social security systems, and land reform. Important efforts have been made to boost national innovation systems, but there remains considerable catch up in terms of the quality and impact of R&D. 
  • 15-September-2016

    English, PDF, 2,215kb

    Fisheries and Aquaculture in Colombia

    This background report prepared by the OECD supports the review of Colombia undertaken by the OECD Fisheries Committee as part of the process for Colombia’s accession to the OECD.

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  • 4-juillet-2016


    La période de prix agricoles élevés touche probablement à sa fin mais la vigilance reste de mise

    La récente période de prix élevés des produits agricoles de base est très probablement terminée, estiment l’OCDE et la FAO dans la dernière édition de leurs Perspectives à dix ans. Mais les deux organisations appellent à la vigilance, car la probabilité d’une forte fluctuation des prix reste importante.

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  • 16-juin-2016


    Des politiques plus ambitieuses sont nécessaires pour faire face aux mutations que connaît l'agriculture

    Les pouvoirs publics doivent mettre en œuvre des politiques plus ambitieuses pour relever les défis mondiaux auxquels est confrontée l'agriculture, et notamment abandonner le soutien direct aux producteurs au profit d'une assistance accrue en faveur de systèmes d'innovation qui améliorent la productivité et la durabilité, selon un nouveau rapport de l'OCDE.

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  • 7-avril-2016


    Réunion OCDE des Ministres de l'Agriculture

    Les ministres de l’Agriculture des pays membres de l’OCDE et de ses partenaires dans le monde entier se réuniront au siège de l’Organisation, à Paris, les 7 et 8 avril 2016. Leurs réflexions auront pour thème : « Des politiques meilleures pour un système alimentaire mondial productif, durable et résilient ».

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  • 11-March-2016


    Launch of the OECD-FAO Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains

    11 March, Paris, France: This high-level launch event included a panel discussion that addressed the potential impacts of companies operating in agricultural supply chains on human, labour and tenure rights.

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