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OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2014




Global Forum on Agriculture 2014

Paris, France | 2 December, 2014

The OECD’s Committee for Agriculture has a long history of providing empirical and analytical support to trade and domestic policy reform in the field of agriculture, clarifying issues upstream from negotiations, and analyzing potential impacts. Its routine work monitoring and measuring agricultural support and protection using the PSE provides valuable, up to date and comparable information for the majority of key players on global agricultural markets. The OECD-FAO Medium Term Outlook provides essential insights into recent and likely future agriculture commodity market developments. Recent work has clarified the role of different policy options, including the role of trade, in food security.

The Committee has reiterated its interest in contributing to future trade and structural policy reforms by clarifying the implications of a range of market and economic developments. This Global Forum aims to bring together officials and experts from the major players on agricultural markets, both OECD members and partner countries, for a wide-ranging discussion of food and agriculture policies, markets and trade. It will be an important milestone in determining analytical priorities and defining a specific work plan that OECD will undertake in support of future trade and structural policy reforms. This effort will complement continuing contributions from OECD on services trade, trade facilitation, export restrictions on raw materials, trade-related international regulatory cooperation and more generally quantifying and analyzing the costs and benefits of protection versus further market opening.


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