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  • 4-May-2016


    South Africa's Development Co-operation

    South Africa’s total concessional finance for development reached USD 148 million in 2014, compared to USD 191 million in 2013 (OECD estimates based on Government of South Africa, 2015; and websites of multilateral organisations). In 2014, South Africa channelled USD 99 million through multilateral organisations.

  • 17-July-2015


    Launch of the 2015 OECD Economic Survey of South Africa

    The social progress South Africa has made over the past two decades is impressive. The transition to democracy has of course been a defining feature, and successive governments have implemented policies to increase well-being. The expansion of social grants has lifted many South Africans out of absolute poverty. This progress has been underpinned by a sound framework for macroeconomic policy.

  • 6-décembre-2013


    L’OCDE accueille avec tristesse la disparition de Nelson Mandela et s’attachera à faire vivre son héritage

    C’est le cœur chargé d’émotion et de gratitude que le monde rend hommage à Nelson Mandela au jour de sa disparition, a déclaré le Secrétaire général de l’OCDE, Angel Gurría.

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  • 4-March-2013


    Unlocking South Africa’s great economic potential

    Despite South Africa's wealth in natural resources, healthy business environment and financial system, and its sound public finances, the country has yet to fulfil its great potential, said Angel Gurría at the launch of the 2013 OECD Economic Survey of South Africa.

  • 11-January-2008

    English, , 29kb

    Fourth Meeting of the OECD Forum on Tax Administration: opening statement

    At the opening of the Fourth Meeting of the OECD Forum on Tax Admininstration, Mr. Pier Carlo Padoan introduces the three areas that the meeting in Cape Town focuses on and emphasises how tax administrations have a key role to play in helping governments meet these challenges.

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  • 7-November-2007

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    OECD Anti-Corruption Division works with South Africa in the Global Fight against Foreign Bribery

    The OECD Anti-Corruption Division won the “Highly Commended” Award in the Smart Regulation category of the 2007 Africa Investor Awards. In his acceptance speech, Patrick Moulette, Head of the OECD Anti-Corruption Division, highlights the benefits that South Africa’s membership of the Convention will bring to the fight against corruption in Africa.