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20092009: "The Crisis and Beyond: For a stronger, cleaner, fairer economy"


2008: "Climate Change, Growth and Stability"

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2007: “Innovation, Growth and Equity”

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2006: "Balancing Globalisation"Migration

2005: "Fuelling the Future"

2004: "Health of Nations"

2003: "Grow, Develop and Prosper"

2002: "Taking Care of the Fundamentals: Security, Equity,
Education and Growth"

2001: "Sustainable Development and the New Economy"


2000:"Partnerships in the New Economy"



Speakers from recent OECD Forums


Nani Beccalli-Falco, CEO, GE International; Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Nestlé; Daniel Bouton, CEO, Société Générale; Jean-Philippe Courtois, CEO, Microsoft EMEA; Rodrigo de Rato, Senior Managing Director, Lazard, France; Thierry Desmarest, CEO, Total; Pierre Gadonneix, CEO, EDF; Jean-Pierre Garnier, CEO, GSK;  Francisco González Rodríguez, Chairman and CEO, BBVA, Spain; Andrew Hunter, Head, Macquarie Europe; Gyehyun Kwon, Vice-President, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.; Anne Lauvergeon, CEO, Areva;   Pedro Lichtinger, President, European Pharmaceutical Operations, Pfizer; Alain Massiera, CEO, Calyon, France; Francis Mer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, SAFRAN; Gérard Mestrallet, CEO, Suez; Stefan Oschmann, President Europe, Merck; Eivind Reiten, CEO, Hydro; Michael Wareing, CEO, KPMG International; Steve Westwell, Executive Vice-President , BP.


Public Figures:

Akira Amari, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan; Pier Luigi Bersani, Minister for Economic Development, Italy; Laura Bush, First Lady, United States; Agustín Carstens, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico; Helen Clark, Prime Minister, New Zealand; Simon Crean, Minister of Trade, Australia; Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC ; Tasneem Essop, Minister of Environment, Planning and Economic Development, Western Cape, South Africa; Stanley Fischer, Governor, Bank of Israel;  Phil Goff, Minister of Trade, New Zealand; Kristin Halvorsen, Minister of Finance, Norway; Duck-soo Han, Deputy Prime Minister of Finance and Economy, Korea; Anne-Marie Idrac, State Secretary, Foreign Trade, France; Kostas Karamanlis, Prime Minister, Greece; Humayun Akhtar Khan, Minister for Commerce, Pakistan; Pascal Lamy, Director General, WTO; Doris Leuthard, Minister of Economic Affairs, Switzerland; Göran Persson, Prime Minister, Sweden; Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, Mayor, City of Madrid; Eduardo Sojo Garza-Aldape, Minister of Economy, Mexico; Pedro Solbes, Deputy Prime Minister, Spain; Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health, United States; Jean-Claude Trichet, President, European Central Bank; Guy Verhofstadt, Prime Minister, Belgium; Piotr G. Woźniak, Minister of Economy, Poland.  


Civil Society:

Dominique Baudis, President, Arab World Institute; Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Director, CEPII, France; Jagdish Bhagwati, Professor, Columbia University; Asit K. Biswas, President, Third World Centre for Water Management; Richard Descoings, Director, Sciences Po; Soumitra Dutta, Dean of External Relations, INSEAD; Gareth Evans, President, International Crisis Group; Susan George, Board Chair, Transnational Institute; Jeremy Hobbs, Executive Director, Oxfam International; Huguette Labelle, Chair, Transparency International; Philippe Manière, Director, Institut Montaigne, France; Claude Martin, President, WWF; Bernard Ramanantsoa, Dean, HEC, France; Bruno Rebelle, Programme Director, Greenpeace International; Mary Robinson, Executive Director, Ethical Globalisation Initiative; Marie Smith, President, AARP.


Trade Unions:

Tine Aurvig-Huggenberger, Vice-President, Danish Confederation of Trade Unions; Sharan Burrow, President, Australian Council of Trade Unions; Kenneth Georgetti, President, Canadian Labour Congress; Marie-Louise Knuppert, Confederal Secretary, Danish Confederation of Trade Unions; Mary Malete, President, Federation of Unions of South Africa; 
John Monks
, General Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation; Guy Ryder, General Secretary, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions; John Sweeney, President, AFL-CIO.



Alan Beattie, World Trade Editor, Financial Times; Françoise Crouïgneau, Chief International Editor, Les Echos; Davis Eades, Presenter, BBC World; Emmanuel Lechypre, Associate Editor, L’ExpansionDonald MacLeod, Editor, Education Guardian, United Kingdom; Serge Marti, Chief Editor, Le MondeHamish McRae, Associate Editor, The Independent; Alison Smale, Managing Editor, IHTChristine Ockrent, Journalist, France Télévision; François Roche, Director, Foreign Policy, French Edition; Pierre Rousselin, Vice-Director, Editorial Department for International Affairs, Le FigaroJohn Thornhill, Editor, European Edition, Financial Times;
Jean-Marc Vittori
, Editorial Writer, Les Echos; Martin Wolf, Associate Editor, and Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times.


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