Message from Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD


The world economy is beginning to emerge from its worst economic crisis in modern times, but recovery remains fragile and unemployment is likely to remain high for quite some time.

The OECD Forum on 26-27 May 2010 will provide an opportunity for dialogue and debate with all sectors of society crucial for making recovery happen. Sources of growth such as innovation and green growth have been identified as essential to put the world economy back on a strong, sustainable and jobs-rich growth path. We all have high hopes in innovative and green industries to support future economic activity, as well as mitigate climate change and address other environmental and social challenges.

In order for innovation and green growth to deliver on these expectations, supportive, practical policy and regulatory frameworks have to be developed. At the Forum, we will be discussing what these policies might look like in sessions focusing on recovery and jobs, innovation, financing, green growth, matching skills to jobs, ensuring that trust lost during the crisis is restored, and the future of capitalism.

The OECD has a key role to play in shaping a new model of growth. We will be delivering our final Innovation Strategy during OECD Week this year. The first interim report on an OECD Green Growth Strategy will also be discussed, before the final stretch leading to its delivery in 2011. All participants are encouraged to provide input into our discussions on green growth in the various panels during the Forum.

The OECD Forum 2010, Road to Recovery: Innovation, Jobs and Clean Growth, offers a unique opportunity to debate the key issues on the international agenda, and to influence policy making. For us, it is invaluable to benefit from the insight and perspectives of representatives of trade unions, business, academia, civil society, media, government and other international organisations as we develop these important new Strategies.

I look forward to welcoming you at our conference centre in Paris and to the lively discussions charting the best policies for a sustained recovery.


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