OECD Forum 2009: Media Partners




The BBC is one of the most respected brands on the Internet and offers up to the minute International news, business, sports, weather, lifestyle and technology content and in depth analysis. BBC.com is the online expression of the BBC outside of the UK and is run by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. In November 2007 the site introduced advertising outside of the UK to an audience of 29 million unique users generating revenues to reinvest in BBC content and services.


Les Echos, France’s leading economic and financial daily newspaper
Founded in 1908, Les Echos is France’s leading national daily newspaper devoted to economic and financial news. It covers and analyses all national, regional and international current events that have an impact on the business world.
In September 2003, it adopted the Berliner format and now covers a broader range of information and is easier to read. This new version is published in two sections, one focusing on macroeconomic news, and the other – “Entreprises et Marchés” (Companies and Markets) – on microeconomic topics.
Its total paid circulation in 2008 stood at 123 571 copies (source: OJD 2008). It is the leading national daily newspaper read by executives and managers at work and by influential decision makers. In all, over 700 000 people read it every day (Source Epiq 2007 2008).
Les Echos currently has a news staff of nearly 200 journalists, with twelve permanent foreign correspondents and a network of some 50 regional correspondents.
LesEchos.fr, France’s leading website devoted to economic and financial news
Launched in 1996, LesEchos.fr is France’s leading website devoted to economic and financial news.
It provides continuous coverage of all the latest economic news and stock market information, together with databases on companies, biographies, the archives of the daily newspaper and numerous services, forums, blogs, chat rooms, etc.
It had 2.575 million unique visitors and 31.342 million pages viewed in February 2009 (source Nielsen Netrating).


Espacio, a network of youth forums designed to provide a space for the analysis, interaction and dialogue necessary to set the bases for the transformation of the region. It provides a stage for the creation of a network of young people, one actively linked with universities, think-tanks, multilateral institutions, non-governmental organizations and influential individuals.


Europe’s World is the only independent Europe-wide policy journal, produced in association with some 100-plus leading European think tanks and academic institutions. Since its launch in 2005 it has become the premier ideas platform for new thinking on political, economic and social issues, read by over 100,000 of the most influential decision makers and opinion formers across Europe.

Published every 4 months, Europe’s World’s objective is to stimulate the much needed debate over topical policy issues by encouraging citizens and stakeholders within civil society, media, academia, business and government, to engage in a series of genuine and informed political debates which reach beyond the “Brussels village.”

To date over 300 authors, including Heads of State, corporate chiefs, top academics, leading NGO activists or policymakers, have contributed articles, firmly cementing Europe’s World’s reputation as a platform for new thinking and ground-breaking ideas.

Europe’s World’s website, EuropesWorld.org, is designed to further promote debate on the policy challenges facing Europe. It spans articles and reactions to articles published in Europe’s World, and also features studies and reports from think tanks throughout Europe.

Its aim is to give readers direct access to the latest in policy thinking across the EU, and encourage visitors to submit their own reports and comment on any of the contributions featured on the website.


The FT is known as the world’s business newspaper.  It is available in over 100 countries and is read by 1.6 million people who want to stay ahead in business and in life. Renowned for its accuracy, authority and integrity, our world-class brand is stronger than ever.  We publish different editions for the UK, Asia, the US and Europe, with content that reflects what’s most important to each region. The FT gives you  information and insight into what every political and economic development means for you.  Make sure your are up to date: www.FT.com


Korea’s leading daily,the JoongAng Ilbo publishes a high quality English-language newspaper, JoongAng Daily.
It provides you with not only the major articles of the JoongAng Ilbo, but also in-depth reports on the foreign community in Korea including business coverage and social activities plus an introduction to Korean culture.
Daily ,culture and human interest stories add variety to the mix, including articles on social trend, pop culture, movie listings, art and people. In addition, the 16-page English language study guide “Think English” provides a wealth of study material for readers with study purpose.



Maeil Business Newspaper & TV is Korea’s no. 1 business daily, an undisputed leader in financial and business news, providing the most comprehensive and in-depth coverage on Korea’s economy. With the fourth highest circulation among all papers in Korea, and as the world’s third leading business daily, the Maeil Business Newspaper has grown to become not just one of Korea’s top newspapers, but a genuine world-class source of business and economic information. Maeil Business Newspaper continues to meet the readers’ demands for the latest knowledge while making the utmost effort to provide the highest quality news and information.


MEDIA INDIA, the only global media house focused on India, with a simple objective – to promote India as a business, tourism and cultural destination. It would achieve its objective through magazines and other sources of information that would create awareness about the rapid advances that India is making in various sectors of the economy as well as showcasing Indian tourism around the world.


New Europe - the European weekly, published since 1993, is a unique product carrying news and analyses from 49 countries with a particular emphasis on the EU institutions and EU-World relations. Its print edition is distributed to 66,000 readers in Europe and beyond. In addition New Europe's website has approximately 150,000 visitors per month.


Established in 1875, Nikkei Inc. has evolved as a prestigious news media organisation focusing on business and the economy.
The Nikkei (The Nihon Keizai Shimbun in Japanese,) the flagship daily newspaper, is the largest business and financial newspaper in the world with over 3 million copies delivered every day. Its strong reputation as a reliable source of information enables the NIKKEI to be one of the most influential publications for Japanese decision makers, including the vast majority of top executives as well as financial specialists and policymakers.


EL PAÍS is one of the most important diary for his influence and diffusion. Since the end of el Franquisme, El Pais defends liberty and democracy with political and social analysis which are symbolic of a modern Spain.


With 1.1 million readers and about 335,000 copies sold on average every day, Il Sole 24 ORE is Italy's most widely-read and Europe's best selling business, financial and regulatory daily newspaper. Il Sole 24 ORE offers insight into current political and economic affairs, as well as cultural information with its Sunday supplement covering literature, history, art, philosophy, music and entertainment.


Swissinfo aims to provide information to Swiss living abroad about events in their homeland and to raise awareness of Switzerland in other countries. To this end, Swissinfo operates the Internet platform www.swissinfo.ch , offering multimedia news and information in nine languages.


Televisa is the world’s foremost Spanish Language media corporation. Day in and day out, its leadership is confirmed by an inclusive and present vision, in constant search of new horizons.
Televisa recognizes itself as a concessionary of an asset that belongs to the Mexican people and, thus, acknowledges the responsibility of supporting and promoting causes that further the country’s well-being. In the international market, Televisa acts as an ambassador of the Spanish Language and Mexican customs: Televisa’s actions endeavor to represent this commitment.


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