Message from H.E. Han Seung-soo, Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea and Chair of the 2009 OECD Ministerial Council


Today, the world continues to face a weakening global economy. While our generation is not unique in confronting various crises, the combined magnitude of the current financial turbulence, shaped by the forces of globalization, is indeed without historical reference. Every single issue we confront today is constantly affected by changes that are occurring well beyond our nominal controls and national boundaries. Therefore, it is all the more essential that the world community work together to bring about creative solutions to restore and revitalize the global economy for sustainable development.


In this context, the OECD Forum 2009, a “hub for dialogue on global issues,” will provide a valuable opportunity for world leaders and stakeholders to come together and seek collective approaches to tackle the current challenges. Already in its 10th year, the OECD Forum has served and continues to serve as a knowledge fair of participants across all sectors, including business, media, academia, civil society, and government, for sharing information, improving communication, and fostering a climate of enlightened policy making in the interest of the global public. Based on the years of its unique experience, I am convinced that the OECD Forum 2009 will provide us with valuable strategies, guidelines, and insight that will help us to not only overcome the current crisis, but also pave the way towards sustainable growth.


This year’s discussions under the theme, “The Crisis and Beyond: For a stronger, cleaner, fairer economy,” will address key global issues of our time ranging from economic recovery and stimulating growth to climate change and green growth. Through an exchange of views on how to make the future global economy more resilient, transparent, green, and equitable, I firmly believe the participants will find common ground for viable solutions. And, as in the past, the results of the Forum will provide food for thought for the ensuing OECD Ministerial Council Meeting.


As Chair of this year’s OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, I am honoured to work with world leaders in formulating policies for economic recovery in the short term as well as in providing a vision and a new paradigm for growth and development in the longer term. I will do my best to produce tangible and fruitful outcomes and in these efforts, I look forward to working closely with all of you at the upcoming OECD Forum and Ministerial Council Meeting.


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