Tetsuya Jitsu


Tetsuya Jitsu


Deputy Chief Editorial Writer


Tetsuya Jitsu is Deputy Chief Editorial Writer of NIKKEI, a leading economic newspaper in Japan. Mr. Jitsu is an experienced journalist with particular interest and expertise in macroeconomic policy of Japan, global financial markets, and the world economy. He joined NIKKEI Inc. in 1982 as a staff writer, and ever since, he has been writing a wide variety of articles on economic and financial news, covering various institutions including the Bank of Japan and the Ministry of Finance. During his long career at NIKKEI, he worked as a foreign correspondent several times in the United States and the United Kingdom. From 2004 to 2008, he was assigned as Bureau Chief in Washington D.C., where he covered presidential elections and other political news as well as economic issues. After successfully completing his career in Washington D.C., he was assigned to the position of Deputy Managing Editor of NIKKEI in charge of economic news reporting, prior to being promoted to his present position in 2011.

Mr. Jitsu holds a Bachelor degree in Politics from Tokyo University. He was born and raised in Tokyo.