Ricardo Ibarra


Ricardo Ibarra



Spanish Youth Council (CJE)

Ricardo Ibarra Roca, born in 1984 in Zaragoza, Spain, was first elected the President of the Spanish Youth Council in July 2010 as the representative of the Aragon regional youth council. He was re-elected two years later for his second term in this position.

Ricardo first got in contact with youth organisations at the age of 6 as a member of the local Scout organisation. During his adolescent years, he became an active volunteer in the local Guide organisation and local youth council, gradually progressing to the regional and national levels of both structures. His work focused primarily on public relations, advocacy, international relations and participation. He continues volunteering in Guiding at national and international level.

Having graduated from computer engineering, with a specialty in web design, he worked for various consulting companies of different scales, including international, before moving to his current position in the Spanish Youth Council.