Peter Bale


Peter Bale


Vice-President & General Manager

CNN International Digital

Peter Bale is the Vice President and General Manager of CNN International Digital. Bale reports directly to KC Estenson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CNN Digital. Mr. Bale was appointed to this newly created position to lead the editorial and commercial functions of CNN Digital outside the US, articulating the content, product, digital distribution and partnership strategy for the business. As General Manager, Mr. Bale is responsible for the global growth of CNN International Digital, including setting the strategic vision, product development and execution. Charged with identifying and developing product, brand and content distribution strategies to further drive revenue and audience, Mr. Bale leads the company’s efforts to grow the reach of CNN's digital offerings outside the United States. Mr. Bale is a proven industry leader, and has demonstrated the ability to work in both traditional and emerging media, combining his deep pedigree in journalism with a keen understanding of the complexities in working for a technology giant. Prior to his role with CNN, Mr. Bale was the International Programming Director for MSN, and was responsible for content on MSN’s properties outside the United States, setting editorial policy and standards on MSN sites worldwide after three years as Executive Producer of MSN UK, the country’s largest commercial portal. Mr. Bale’s expertise also extends from his role as Online Editorial Director of The Times and The Sunday Times, in which he published in London for News Corporation, and was a founder of investment site for MarketWatch Inc and The Financial Times Group. Mr. Bale is also a former Reuters journalist and editor with assignments in Asia, The Middle East, Europe and the UK over 15 years.