Michael Förschner


Michael Förschner


Head of Unit

ZSI-Centre for Social Innovation

Mr. Michael Förschner, (University of Economics, Vienna) has an outstanding career in labour market policy at the Austrian Ministry of Labour.

He held the following positions: Deputy head of the department for labour market measures in 1991, first director of the European Social Fund from 1995 – 2008, responsible for the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, member of the ESF Committee, Expert for the OECD on a number of occasions especially regarding local employment policy, partnerships and other related issues, as well as in the setting up of OECD’s Trento Centre for Local Development, member and chairman of the Directing Committee of OECD’s LEED Programme (Programme for Local Economic and Employment Development), chairman of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance.

Being currently on leave from the Ministry he joined ZSI where he is mainly responsible for different international projects for the OECD and within EC programmes.

He also teaches at the University of Applied Sciences, at Eisenstadt, Austria.