Kaori Sasaki


Kaori Sasaki


Founder & CEO, ewoman, Inc.

Founder & CEO, Unicul International, Inc.

Founder & CEO: ewoman, Inc. (www.ewoman.jp), Founder & CEO: UNICUL International, Inc. (www.unicul.com). Kaori Sasaki established UNICUL International, Inc. a communications consultancy, in 1987 and ewoman Inc., an influential think tank and consultancy that provides marketing, branding, product development, and training to major corporations in 2000. She also created the International Conference for Women in Business (www.women.co.jp/conf/) in 1996, now in its 18th year.

She also serves on several corporate and advisory boards and on councils of various Ministries. Ms. Sasaki appears regularly in the media and is an author of several best-selling books on communication, time management, and other business topics. She travelled extensively as an international news reporter for the top-rated news show and anchored the “CBS 60 Minutes” show in Japan.

Ms. Sasaki received a BA from Sophia University in Tokyo in 1983 and an Honorary Doctorate degree from Elmira College in New York in 2008.