Shiv Malik

Journalist and Author, The Guardian
Shiv Malik started his career as a reporter after winning a bursary from the Guardian's Scott Trust and obtained an MA in journalism at Sheffield University in 2003. He went on to write for the New Statesman magazine from Afghanistan and Pakistan and from the UK for the Sunday Times and the Independent on Sunday among others. In the years following the July 7th attacks in London, Mr. Malik focused on the British Jihadi Movement, researching for the BBC and writing a seminal work on the lead bomber, Mohammed Siddique Khan for Prospect magazine called My Brother the Bomber. In 2008 he was involved in a landmark court battle with the Greater Manchester police to protect his sources on terrorism and was also selected as the Evening Standard's most influential Londoners of that year. In 2010 he co-authored the bestselling book Jilted Generation; How Britain has bankrupted its Youth. He is also co-founder of the think tank, the Intergenerational Foundation which seeks to find solutions to economic imbalances between those of different age groups in society. In 2011 he helped edit, Regeneration, a collection of essays on intergenerational justice. He currently works for the Guardian as a reporter and is a regular contributor in the UK media on issues affecting young adults.