OECD Forum 2014: Institutional (In)Competence - 21st Century Politics
Monday 5 May
15:15 - 16:45
Red Amphitheatre
Parallel session

The global economic crisis has undermined trust in government. Today only four out of ten citizens in OECD countries say they have confidence in their national authorities. The increasingly short-term focus of modern politics is leading to a collective failure to find solutions to major global challenges, which require coordinated, longer-term action. All of this shines a bright light on the need for politics and political institutions to adapt to 21st century needs. Governments and political institutions must find ways to demonstrate and improve their reliability and responsiveness to the concerns of citizens. They must reform to become more open and inclusive. They need to show integrity and fairness in the way they operate and deal with their constituents. This also applies to international governmental organisations and processes such as the G20, which can sometimes be further removed from citizens.

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