OECD Forum 2014: Inclusive Societies - Inclusive Growth
Monday 5 May
10:15 - 12:00
Blue Amphitheatre
Parallel session

While growth is essential for recovery, we also need to improve living standards and people’s quality of life – with access to health care, quality jobs, opportunities to learn and improve skills, and a clean environment. Addressing inequality, which has been on the rise even before the crisis, is crucial. Today, in OECD countries, the average income of the richest 10% of the population is approximately nine times that of the poorest, up from seven to one 25 years ago. Rapid growth in emerging economies, notably in Asian countries, has also been associated with persisting vulnerability and high inequalities. As emerging markets struggle to maintain high growth and as middle-class expectations rise, policies for social cohesion and long-term development are needed now more than ever. 

Moving from diagnosis to solutions, what policies help maximise opportunity, education and training, fair taxation and incentives? What programmes empower all groups of society to fulfil their potential?

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