A. Craig Copetas

Correspondent-at-Large, Quartz

A. Craig Copetas is a Quartz's Paris-based correspondent-at-large. He spent 10 years as a staff reporter of The Wall Street Journal in Paris and a decade as an award-winning senior writer at Bloomberg News. Mr Copetas began his career in the early 1970s at the London bureau of Rolling Stone magazine, going on to become an associate editor at Esquire magazine and, over the ensuing years, a foreign correspondent stationed in Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and China for the New York Daily News, Village Voice, Soho Weekly News and Regardie's magazine. A former visiting scholar at The Harriman Institute of Advanced Russian Study at Columbia University in New York and a current associate professor of narrative journalism at the American University of Paris, his books include “Metal Men” (the story of rogue oil and commodity trader Marc Rich); “Bear Hunting with the Politburo” and, most recently, “Mona Lisa's Pajamas - Diverting Dispatches From a Roving Reporter.” The French Ministry of Culture has decorated Mr Copetas with a chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters.