OECD Yearbook 2014


This year's Yearbook focuses on major topics such as inclusive growth, jobs and trust. Below is a summary of our contributing authors. 


Inclusive growth, jobs and trust
Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD

Japan’s economic revival 
Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister, Japan 

Inclusive growth

Inclusive growth must be for and by the people
Yves Leterme, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

Inclusive growth: Making it happen
Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20 

When economic growth benefits only a few
David Pilling, Asia Editor, Financial Times, UK

The ups and downs of GDP 
Diane Coyle, Professor of Economics, University of Manchester*

The opportunities of an older workforce
Debra Whitman, Executive Vice-President, AARP, US

Inclusive growth: Naive optimism or call for revolution?
Chandran Nair, Executive, Global Inst for Tomorrow

A smart society is an inclusive society
Rob van Gijzel, Mayor of Eindhoven, Netherlands

Elderly promise
Karl Erjavec, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the
Republic of Slovenia, and Mateja Kožuh Novak,
President of the Slovenian Federation of Pensioners'
Organisations (ZDUS)

Growth and inequality: A close relationship?
Orsetta Causa, Alain de Serres and Nicolas Ruiz,
OECD Economics Department

Towards a Caring Economy
Dennis Snower, President, Kiel Institute

Business Brief: SICPA

Quality jobs

Jobs are key for inclusive growth
Stefano Scarpetta, Director, ELSA, OECD

A plan for education
Andreas Schleicher, Deputy Director, Education, OECD

Playing your way to work
Randa Grob-Zakhary, CEO, LEGO Foundation
and Andrew Bollington, Vice President of
Research and Learning, LEGO Foundation

Solving the “super-ageing” challenge
Katsutoshi Saito, Chairman, Dai-ichi Life Insurance
Company, Ltd; Vice-Chairman, Keidanren and
Vice-Chairman, BIAC Executive Board

Towards a "secure society based on work"
Nobuaki Koga, President, RENGO, Japan

Samsung: Smart Skills, Smart Future
Sang Woo Kim, President of European Corporate Affairs,
Samsung Electronics, Korea

Older candidates, please apply
Dianne Jeffrey, Chairman of Trustees, AgeUK

Undeclared labour doesn't work 
Jacques van den Broek, CEO, Randstad

Cutting youth unemployment in a digital age
W Scholz & K Kupke, Global Economic Symposium (GES)

Wanted: A massive investment plan 
Thiébaut Weber Confederal Secretary French
Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT) 


Building up trust
Rolf Alter, Director, GOV, OECD

Tax: It’s all about trust
Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, CTPA, OECD

Trust and the Wealth of Nations
Carolyn Ervin, Director, DAF, OECD

Trust in tax, not it's avoidance
Margaret Hodge, House of Commons, UK

Tackle corruption to restore trust
Drago Kos, Chairman, OECD Working Group on Bribery

Trust (not money) makes the world go 'round
Philip Coggan, Author, The Last Vote

Financial reform: Progress, what progress?
Salil Shetty, Secretary-General, Amnesty International

It’s time to tax
Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam

Business Brief: Vale

Health, innovation and iPS cells: Why co-operation matters
Shinya Yamanaka, Director, Center for iPS Cell Research and
Application, Kyoto University












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