OECD Forum 2012: Richard Trumka


Richard Trumka

President, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO); Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC)


Richard L. Trumka was elected AFL-CIO President in September 2009. He served as AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer since 1995.

Born in Nemacolin, Pa., on July 24, 1949, Trumka was elected to the AFL-CIO Executive Council in 1989. At the time of his election to the Secretary-Treasurer post, he was serving his third term as President of the Mine Workers (UMWA). At the UMWA, Trumka led two major strikes against the Pittston Coal Co. and the Bituminous Coal Operators Association. The actions resulted in significant advances in employee-employer co-operation and the enhancement of mine workers’ job security, pensions and benefits. Among the many awards Trumka has received is the Gompers-Murray-Meany Award from the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. In 1996 he received The Jewish National Fund Tree of Life Award for his outstanding commitment to the American labour movement, the nation and to the State of Israel. He was also honoured by The Sons of Italy Foundation with its 2003 Humanitarian Award. In 2009, President Barack Obama named Trumka to the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, chaired by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul A. Volcker.


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