OECD Forum 2012: Promoting Inclusive Growth



Promoting Inclusive Growth


A new policy agenda is needed focusing not only on growth, but also on openness, fairness and inclusion.


Policies will need to reduce the impact of slow growth and unemployment while ensuring that the benefits of future growth are more evenly shared. Inclusiveness goes beyond poverty and the distribution of income, including other dimensions, such as social cohesion and wellbeing. A cohesive society reduces inequality between groups and ensures that all citizens are socially included and have equal opportunities (e.g. access to education and healthcare services; access to labour markets; or gender equality).


What can be done to improve people’s futures? What policies are needed to strengthen growth, make it inclusive and sustainable over time? How to increase joint efforts and co-operation among governments, civil society and the private sector in this respect? What are the main challenges? These are the pressing questions we must answer.