OECD Forum 2011: OECD_IdeaFactory


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An OECD_Idea Factory to encourage interaction between the various stakeholders participating in the Forum and OECD experts...



The OECD_IdeaFactory is about...


  • Reframing the understanding of a theme
  • Comprehending the emerging possibilities about an issue or a problem
  • Identifying the key questions around which leaders and policy makers should focus their work and research efforts in the future


Working in an OECD_IdeaFactory

The OECD_IdeaFactory sessions have no podium and no panel: everybody gets to participate. Ideas are transformed, not simply shared. Everyone is part of the solutions, every experience matters, every idea can be weaved with others, tested, prototyped and eventually becomes a truly new possibility.

The space is flexible and enables work in small groups and plenary discussion. Tools to facilitate small group interaction and sharing are embedded in the space. 




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