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2016 will be remembered for a rising tide of populism, nationalism and historically low levels of trust.

The 2017 Forum (6-7 June) will place a central emphasis on the need for policies winning back the confidence of those who feel left behind, fearful of the impact of globalisation, increasing migration flows, and the unprecedented speed of technological development. 

How can we bridge divides to build more inclusive societies?

Shaping the debate

Learn, network and share

Broadening our channels:

  • Meet the AUTHOR: Chat and share with authors that have recently published new work addressing the divides in our societies today
  • TALKtogether: Experience new technologies in a creative space
  • IdeaFactory: Brainstorm and engage in small groups with other participants to take the debate further
  • 15/15 Talks: Get inspired and listen to creative thinkers and doers
  • Civic Tech Hub: Dive into the world of digital civic engagement

Learn more on how to engage at the OECD Forum

Speaking with us

Forum speakers are policy-makers and members of Parliament, CEOs and entrepreneurs, and also inventors, scientists and advocates for social change.

  • Browse the Forum speakers

Connecting the dots

A new agenda for inclusive growth

Policymakers and politicians know how to globalise, but we do not know how to make globalisation work for the majority of voters.

And today we see the consequences of this in referenda and elections around the world. Inequality in advanced countries is fuelling huge political instability.

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