Forum 2011: Better Policies for Better Lives





To mark the OECD's 50th Anniversary, the OECD Forum 2011 was built around a special programme demonstrating how the OECD has helped raise standards of life and how, in the future, the OECD can sharpen its contribution towards a more resilient and balanced world economy.





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Angel Gurría

OECD Secretary-General



"The OECD is marking its 50th anniversary at a time when international co-operation is more essential than ever. The list of global challenges requiring co-ordinated policy action is getting longer, and in most cases, this action is becoming more urgent. This means that the inspiring vision of our founding parents is still relevant and will continue to serve as the guiding principle for our work. Much remains to be done to achieve a cleaner, stronger and fairer world. Achieving better policies for better lives is a journey, not a destination."

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Hillary Rodham Clinton

U.S. Secretary of State

Chair of the Ministerial Council Meeting


"While there is much to be proud of over the last 50 years, we must also take measure of the profound economic challenges that currently confront the global community. Imbalances threaten to cripple a strong recovery from the global financial crisis and hurt public trust in effective institutions.  Indeed, the scope of these issues will demand solutions that can only be achieved through multilateral coordination and cooperation.  In other words, the mission of the OECD is more important than ever"

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Forum 2011: Topic 1 Measuring Progress

Forum 2011: Topic 2 Green Growth

Forum 2011: Topic 3 Getting Back to Work

Forum 2011: Topic 4 Narrowing the Gender Gap

Forum 2011: Topic 5 Restoring Public Finances

Forum 2011: Topic 6 Restoring Trust in the System

Forum 2011: Topic 7 New Paradigms for Development



Session summaries

Day 1: Tuesday 24 May 2011

Day 2: Wednesday 25 May 2011

Opening Session: Better Policies for Better Lives Shifting Wealth
Exiting from the Crisis: Models for more Equitable and Sustainable Growth New Paradigms for Development

Measuring Progress of Societies

Presentation of the Economic Outlook

New Sources of Growth: Green Your Life!

Economic Outlook debate

Gender: Education, Employment and EntrepreneurshipSession Summary: New Sources of Growth Restoring Trust and Strengthening Governance
Restoring Trust in the SystemSession Summary: Gender


Life After the Babyboomers




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