Discovery Lab


The Discovery Lab is a platform to extend the debate further operating throughout OECD Forum.

Several speakers are on hand to meet with participants for in-depth discussions in two types of relaxed and informal encounters: TALKtogether & Meet the AUTHOR. 

Your active participation is welcome!

Learn, Network and Share...

‌‌‌© OECD Discovery LabTALKtogether

invites you to explore a specific issue with a speaker or group of speakers.  

A creative space that allows for greater one-on-one interaction with Forum speakers in an informal setting.

A friendly setting to take part in out-of-the-box debates among participants and to foster synergies with your own areas of work.

A chance to bring your own perspective and become part of the innovative processes that shape OECD thinking.


© OECD - Discovery Lab - Meet the AuthorMeet the AUTHOR

invites you to chat with many of the Forum speakers who have recently published a book.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet authors that will make brief presentation and take comments and questions. 

Do you agree with their views? 

Have a different viewpoint?  We want to know.    


Recapture last year's Discovery Lab atmosphere

Sessions for Forum 2015

Sessions for 2 June 2015: 

10:15 AM- 11:00 AM 

11:00 AM- 11:45 AM  


12:00 PM-12:45 PM  

13:00 PM- 13:45 PM 

14:00 PM-14:45 PM 

15:00 PM- 15:45 PM 


16:00 PM- 16:45 PM 

17:00 PM-17:45 PM 

18:00 PM-18:45 PM 



Sessions for 3 June 2015: 

9:00 AM-9:45 AM 


11:30 AM-12:15 PM 


12:30 PM-13:15 PM  


13:15 PM-14:00 PM 

14:15 PM-15:00 PM 

15:15 PM-16:00 PM 

16:15 PM- 17:00 PM 



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