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New Solution Spaces: The Pre-2060 Agenda

2015 is a landmark year in global ambitions. The post-2015 agenda implies change, and the scale of global ambitions in meeting the emerging challenges of a more connected and multipolar world are breath-taking.

They involve global transformation –shifting the current trajectory of lower global economic growth on a more sustainable development pathway. 

And the window of opportunity is closing for making the shift in time to enable more of humanity to thrive, rather than struggle to survive, the next century. 

This pre-Forum session discussed emerging policy challenges and possible solutions needed for a whole world on track for sustainable development by 2060. 

Climate, Carbon, COP21 and Beyond

Shaping our Future Leaders

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What is it?

The OECD_IdeaFactory invites OECD Forum participants and experts to work together and combine their experiences and perspectives. Inside the IdeaFactory everyone is part of the process, everyone's experience counts, ideas can be combined, tested, prototyped and formed into potential new solutions.

Successfully introduced in 2011, the OECD_IdeaFactory workshops facilitate:

  • networking with peers
  • intense collaboration
  • surprising approaches
  • highly focused conversations
  • and a touch of serendipity, too.


It introduces a new way to look at problems:

  • in a new environment
  • with different perspectives
  • following a different process
  • testing the potential of new solutions.


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