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If you missed the series of events for the OECD’s 60th anniversary, you can watch the replays:

14 December 2020

OECD Leaders' Event - 10h30-13h30
Meet the Author: David Goodhart - 15h-15h45
A new societal contract for the recovery – 16h-17h15

15 December 2020

COVID-19: The great digital acceleration – 16h-17h30

16 December 2020

The benefits of a multigenerational workforce: Living, learning and earning longer – 16h-17h30


Forum Network: Thought leaders share their perspectives on the COVID-19 crisis

Missed an event?

Watch past events on demand and join the conversation in our dedicated rooms on the Forum Network:

3 December 2020
Healthcare in the Digital Age

24 November 2020
International Co-operation and Vaccines

19 November 2020
Communicating on public health and vaccines in a climate of misinformation

30 September 2020
A Green COVID Recovery: the role of Finance

10 September 2020
Schooling in times of COVID-19

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Ministerial Council Meeting 2020


The 2020 Ministerial Council Meeting was chaired by Spain with Chile, Japan and New Zealand as vice-chairs. It gathered Leaders and Ministers on 28-29 October in virtual format.

Leaders and Ministers discussed their priorities for domestic recovery plans and their expectations for international co-operation in support of a strong, resilient, green and inclusive recovery. 

They also discussed the role that the OECD can play in supporting member and partner countriesin these challenging times in policy areas ranging from macroeconomic policies, to employment and social protection, trade and investment or the actions needed for a green recovery.

Read the 2020 Ministerial Council Statement: A strong, resilient, inclusive and sustainable recovery from COVID-19

OECD 60th Anniversary

The OECD is reaching its 60th Anniversary in a unique and challenging context. As the world confronts the worst health, economic and social crisis since the 1930s, the OECD is once again rising to the challenge to support its Member countries and the global community in their response to the crisis and their efforts to foster a strong, resilient, inclusive and sustainable recovery.

Join us for the start of the celebrations of the OECD’s 60th anniversary on 14 December 2020, alongside leaders and key stakeholders.