Join us on 6-7 June for Forum 2017: Bridging divides

This year’s Forum will focus on how to achieve more integrated, inclusive societies.

The Forum will place a central emphasis on the need for policies putting people’s wellbeing at the centre of our efforts, moving from diagnosis, and analysis of increasing levels of inequality, to actionable solutions. This will be key to winning back the confidence of those who feel left behind, fearful of the impact of globalisation, increasing migration flows, and the unprecedented speed of technological development.

Inclusive growth

What policies best promote opportunity and spur innovation?

How can we make sure that the unconscious biases boys and girls face today do not affect their decisions tomorrow?

Which skills do you need to learn now for occupations that may not yet exist?


How do we ensure that digitalisation empowers us to create the world we want?

Is your phone your future doctor and your internet search your next recruiter?

What is needed to ensure social protection in the gig economy?

How can start-ups, SMEs and multinationals benefit more equally from global integration and digitalisation?


Against a backdrop of discontent and polarisation, what needs to be done to integrate those who feel left behind?

If post-truth is the word of 2016, how do we address the emergence of “social media bubbles” and avoid listening to “people like us” only?

How can we create coalitions of the willing to ensure the commitments of COP21 and the SDGs are met?

How can citizens and decision-makers co-design policies in the digital age?

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