• 1-June-2000


    Private Pensions Series No. 1: Private Pension Systems and Policy Issues

    Pension systems are changing the world over. Both OECD and non-OECD countries are coming to face the consequences of demographic changes, and some have already embarked on innovative processes of pension reform. In this new environment, employer ...

  • 1-June-2000


    Institutional Investors in Latin America

    What is the current state of development of institutional investors in Latin America? What are the requirements of the financial infrastructure and the regulatory framework to encourage the growth of the institutional sector in Latin America? What policy expertise can Latin America and OECD countries share to benefit from each other's experience in broadening the role of institutional investors? These questions were addressed during

  • 1-April-2000


    Maintaining Prosperity in an Ageing Society

    Is ageing a threat to our societies' prosperity? How should resources be shared between the working generation and its dependent older citizens? How should pension, health and long-term care best be reformed? How can older people's contribution t...

  • 1-April-2000


    Pensions, Savings and Capital Flows: From Ageing to Emerging Markets

    This books explores the international aspects of pension reform, private savings and volatile capital markets and clarifies how they relate to each other. Building the case for the pension-improving benefits of global asset diversification, analy...

  • 13-June-1999

    English, , 157kb

    The recent experience with capital flows to emerging market economies, EO65 ch.6

    Chapter 6 of the OECD Economic Outlook No. 65. This chapter reviews the principal causes of the recent volatility of capital flows and possible remedies that emerging market economies and the international community can take to stabilise such flows.

  • 16-December-1998

    English, , 41kb

    Recent equity market developments and implications, EO64 ch.5

    Ch. 5 of OECD Economic Outlook No. 64. This chapter addresses the nature of the third quarter drop compared with previous such episodes, outlines some benchmarks against which current levels of equity prices can be measured and assesses the implications of declines in equity pric

  • 1-September-1998


    Development Centre Studies: The Second-Generation Pension Reforms in Latin America

    More than a decade after Chile moved from a public pay-as-you-go to a private funded pension system, seven more countries in Latin America have reformed their pension systems. This study provides a detailed description of all second-generation pension reforms in Latin America to date, evaluates the first years of operations of the new systems and outlines the problems and challenges which the systems are still facing. The basic common

  • 22-December-1995

    English, , 584kb

  • 22-December-1995

    English, , 385kb

  • 15-December-1995

    English, , 619kb

    Establishing financial discipline: experience with bankcruptcy legislation in Central and Eastern European countries

    A major challenge of economic transition in central and eastern European countries is creating the institutional framework crucial to market operation. OECD Economic Studies No. 25.

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