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Journal of Pension Economics and Finance enters new phase


The Journal of Pension Economics and Finance (JPEF), the only academic journal focusing on the economics and finance of pensions and retirement income programs, announces a new editorial structure and a broadening of its mission effective January 2010. Since 2002, the JPEF has provided an invaluable and influential forum for original research and international policy debate in the pensions area.


Demographic aging and tumultuous capital markets are challenging the future of retirement around the globe. The JPEF will lead the way in exploring what these factors imply for retirement security and pension sustainability, and in demonstrating which new models will ensure resiliency in retirement systems. JPEF publishes original research papers; it also offers an Issues & Policy section with reviews of the state of debate on pension policies around the world. In addition, the journal includes reviews on publications of key interest to its readers. Another major objective of the JPEF, which is co-sponsored by the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) and the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), is to strengthen further the dialogue between the academic community and pension and financial policymakers, regulators and supervisors.


The journal will now be guided by three Senior Editors: Lans Bovenberg (Netspar, the Netherlands), Olivia S. Mitchell (NBER/Wharton, US), and Mike Orszag (Watson Wyatt Worldwide) and the current Managing Editor, André Laboul (OECD and IOPS).  The new Editors, who select referees and make editorial decisions, include Monika Bütler (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland), Courtney Coile (NBER/Wellesley College, US), Steve Haberman (Cass Business School, UK), Joshua Rauh (NBER/Kellogg/Northwestern, US), Arthur van Soest (Tilburg, the Netherlands), Scott Weisbenner (NBER/University of Illinois, US), and Juan Yermo (OECD) who will be the lead editor for the Issues & Policy section. John Piggott (UNSW, Australia) will serve as Book Review. A new Editorial Board will serve as a pool of referees and advisors to the Editors.


JPEF will continue to cover topics in retirement security including pension fund management, microeconomics of retirement finance, retirement system regulation, and pensions and labour markets. The new Editors will also broaden the journal’s mission to include more pension-related research on macroeconomic and political economy topics, microeconometric analysis of labor and capital markets (including health and retirement issues), and behavioral and experimental work (including financial and health literacy). The journal will continue to reach out to actuaries who meld economics/finance approaches with actuarial science.


The JPEF will also seek to include literature surveys and ‘think pieces’ on issues of relevance to the pension economics/finance audience (e.g. the role for indexed bonds, annuity puzzles, reverse mortgages, the impact of health, and intergenerational risk sharing). The new Editors will strive to maintain the Journal’s excellent turnaround time for papers submitted to be refereed. Currently the average time from submission to first decision is just over a month. JPEF is now included in the Social Science Citation Index as of 7(1):2008. The Journal will receive its first Impact Factor rating in 2010.


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