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Seminar on Quality Infrastructure Investment


 12-13 September 2018  Tokyo, Japan 

In anticipation of the importance of financing quality infrastructure under the 2019 Japan G20 presidency, this seminar, jointly organised by the OECD, the Ministry of Finance of Japan and the World Bank Group, will address:

  • The significance of quality infrastructure investment and developing common understanding and good practices of such investment

  • Data collection and benchmarks for quality infrastructure investment

  • Effective approaches to financing quality infrastructure investment and mobilising resources

  •  Effective governance for quality infrastructure

  •  Environmental and social aspects in infrastructure investment

  • Project preparation, planning and procurement – practices to support quality infrastructure investment

  • Technology and innovation in support of quality infrastructure investment




This event is co-organised with the Ministry of Finance of Japan and the World Bank Group, in co-operation with the ADBI and the World Bank's Tokyo Development Learning Center Program (TDLC)







Day 1 presentations

Day 2 presentations


How to make infrastructure investment work for all

OECD Long-term Investment Project

OECD Business and Finance Outlook



Raffaele Della Croce



Joel Paula (contents)

Françoise Drouillon (logistics)






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