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  • 23-May-1993

    English, , 1,045kb

  • 23-May-1993

    English, , 605kb

  • 29-May-1992

    English, , 697kb

    Institutional commitments and policy credibility: a critical survey and empirical evidence from the ERM

    There is little evidence that so-called "credibility effects" have altered the trade-off between inflation and employment for countries that have adhered to the exchange rate mechanism of the European Monetary System. OECD Economic Studies No. 18.

  • 10-November-1991

    English, , 389kb

    Stock market volatility in OECD countries: recent trends, consequences for the real economy, and proposals for reform

    Econometric testing suggests that the trend towards increasing volatility of equity prices has not had strong effects on economic activity. OECD Economic Studies No. 17.

  • 10-November-1991

    English, , 607kb

    Real interest rate trends: the influence of saving, investment and other factors

    An examination of factors underlying saving, investment and real interest rates over recent decades suggests that high real interest rates over recent decades suggests that high real interst rates may continue to prevail. Is this a cause for concern? OECD Economic Studies No. 17.

  • 20-November-1990

    English, , 2,398kb

    Portfolio effects and the position of the dollar in exchange markets

    A flow measure suggests that the growth of global portfolios could continue to translate into an important demand for new dollar assets, albeit not sufficient to cover fully the expected financing need. OECD Economic Studies No. 15.

  • 20-November-1990

    English, , 2,138kb

    Monetary policy in liberalised financial markets

    The rapide progress of financial market deregulation has been accompanied by new and longer-run challenges for monetary policy. OECD Economic Studies No. 15.

  • 2-November-1987

    English, , 390kb

    A risk premium model of the yen-dollar and DM-dollar exchange rates

    Some recent research suggests that the "risk premium" may be important in the determination of exchange rates. OECD Economic Studies No. 9.

  • 2-November-1987

    English, , 175kb

    Managing crises in the emerging financial landscape

    Broad changes in financial markets may be altering the probability of crises and the forms they might take. Are the requisite safeguards in place? OECD Economic Studies No. 9.

  • 2-June-1987

    English, , 653kb

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