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Launched by the OECD and Italian Treasury, the Public Debt Management Network (PDM Network) is a virtual knowledge sharing network on public debt management techniques. It offers a permanent platform of contact and dialogue among its partners, primarily by means of the website at


In the global financial marketplace, creating, sharing and using information and knowledge are of vital importance for public debt managers.


In preparing debt policies and applying sound debt management techniques, debt managers belonging to emerging debt markets can benefit from the expertise and experience of debt managers from advanced debt markets. At the same time, when sharing their experiences with emerging countries, debt managers from advanced debt markets can analyse critically the practices they have in use and start thinking about possible revisions.


In a rapidly integrating global market place debt managers from both advanced and emerging debt markets are facing increasingly similar policy challenges. Information exchange and multilateral policy dialogue are therefore of interest for all debt managers.


This reality is confirmed by the existence of international multilateral forums dedicated to public debt managers, such as the OECD Global Forums on Public Debt Management and Emerging Government Securities Markets and the Annual OECD/World Bank Global Bond Market Forum.  The PDM Network is the result of a proposal made during the 2001-2002 meetings of the OECD Working Party on Debt Management and is part of the Working Party's programme of work.


The PDM Network provides continuous and multilateral information on experiences, best practices and techniques on all aspects of public debt management to debt managers and other partners such as supranational and multilateral organisations, public and private research centres and financial institutions.


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