Conference on business, finance and gender


 8 March 2017 OECD Conference Centre, Paris

How should pension systems account for gender differences and deliver equitable pensions for women and men? Do differences in financial literacy between men and women impact their long-term well-being? What can be done to provide women with access to the formal economy and safe working conditions? How can men engage more within companies to bring about change?


These are some of the questions to be debated at an OECD-hosted conference taking place on International Women’s Day within the framework of the OECD Gender Initiative. the conference will be attended by senior decision-makers from the public and corporate worlds, experts, academics and stakeholders.



Participants will consider different policy approaches and share their experiences and insights on:

  • Gender differences in financial skills and behaviour
  • Women working in the informal economy and the role of business
  • Retirement income for women in the changing pensions landscape


Keynote addresses

“Empowering women to fight back against corruption”
Hera Hussain, Founder of CHAYN, Co-Founder of EmpowerHack; Community and Advocacy Manager at OpenCorporates


"Engaging men, how can companies achieve progress or respond to backlash?” Robert Baker, Senior Partner, Client Director, Mercer


With the support of Mercer



Draft agenda



Participation at this conference is by invitation only. Any enquiries can be addressed to



This conference is open to media. Requests should be addressed to Caroline Tourrier



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