Blockchain and distributed ledger technology

Blockchain and its underlying distributed ledger technology have the potential to fundamentally transform a wide range of industries and markets. The Global Blockchain Policy Centre is exploring the benefits and risks of blockchain for economies and societies, beginning to identify good policy and regulatory approaches, and investigating uses in specific policy areas.

Blockchain policy forum

1,600 participants, 200 speakers, 50 sessions
The OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum explores the policy environment for blockchain innovation and adoption

Save the date! 16-20 November 2020


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Can blockchain technology reduce the cost of remittances?
The paper identifies several limitations, such as data privacy risks, regulatory uncertainty and last-mile delivery, while investigating whether blockchain technology is the solution to reduce the cost of remittances.

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Blockchain Policy Centre

The OECD Blockchain Policy Centre provides a global reference point for helping policy makers to address the challenges raised by blockchain and DLT and to seize the opportunities it offers for achieving policy objectives.

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