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Despite important reforms implemented to date by Ukraine, a great deal remains to be done to underpin and ensure an effective energy sector reform. OECD recommendations, instruments, policy guidance and capacity-building activities could help Kyiv advance towards its energy goals domestically and fulfill commitments made to the EU. In 2015, the government of Ukraine and the OECD adopted an Action Plan that aligned OECD support with government priorities: (i) anti-corruption, (ii) governance and rule of law, and (iii) investment and business climate.


In the context of the OECD-Ukraine Action Plan, the OECD supports energy sector reforms in Ukraine, focusing on competition, investment, responsible business conduct, anti-corruption and corporate governance of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The project encompasses a mix of analytical and capacity-building activities to ensure relevance and support to Ukrainian institutions in reforming the energy sector. The project will run until December 2021 and is financed by the Government of Norway.


  Tor Martin Møller

Mr. Andreas Schaal, Director of OECD Global Relations and Mr. Tor Martin Møller, Deputy Director, Section for Russia, Eurasia and Regional Cooperation, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

OECD Review on State-Owned Enterprise Reform in the Hydrocarbons Sector in Ukraine

This publication is the first important output of a wider energy sector reform project. It provides a review of SOE Reform in the Hydrocarbons sector in Ukraine, looking at the Corporate Governance of Naftogaz as a case study, and puts forward 16 detailed recommendations in line with the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of SOEs.




The OECD will continue to assess the energy sector reform, providing policy recommendations in the focus policy areas of competition, investment, responsible business conduct, anti-corruption and corporate governance of SOEs.

  • Policy Insights, Enhancing Competitiveness in Ukraine through a Sustainable Framework for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) (2019) English | Українськa: This report assesses the progress made by Ukraine in the implementation of the 2015 OECD recommendations for developing a sustainable energy savings market with ESCOs in Ukraine. 
  • case study of Ukrenergo, the national power company, will also be implemented as part of this project.


OECD standards & benchmarking

Some of the activities are benchmarked against specific OECD standards, namely:


Working with OECD committees & working parties

Project findings will be presented to OECD committees and working parties for peer review discussion and monitoring of results. Participating committees and working parties include:

This work could potentially lead to the invitation of Ukraine to align, and eventually adhere, to some OECD instruments and bodies as appropriate.



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