Supporting Decentralisation in Ukraine


The project aims at supporting the successful implementation of Ukraine’s decentralisation reform via the provision of both analytical inputs"> and capacity-building activities at national and sub-national levels with inputs from peer experts across the OECD namely from Flanders, Poland and Czech Republic. The work builds on the analysis and recommendations of the  and is carried out in close collaboration with the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine.


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  • updated territorial analysis and performance indicators 
  • assessment of the progress and challenges in the implementation of the decentralisation reform 
  • formulation of recommendations for more effective multi-level governance 
  • advice on more effective service delivery at sub-national level based on an in-depth analysis of one specific sector 
  • enhanced engagement of Ukraine with OECD bodies and dissemination of project findings
  • stronger institutional capacities at national and sub-national levels to roll out the decentralisation reform


8 December 2017
Paris, France

Discussion of Draft Assessment and Recommendations at the OECD Regional Development Policy Committee 
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development of Ukraine, Mr. Gennadiy Zubko, and First Vice Minister of Regional Development of Ukraine, Mr. Vyacheslav Nehoda, participated in the meeting of the OECD Regional Development Policy Committee (RDCP) to discuss with Delegates from OECD members the draft assessment and recommendations stemming from the project “Supporting Decentralisation in Ukraine”. The Committee meets twice a year with the goal of identifying the nature of territorial challenges and assisting governments in the assessment and improvement of their territorial policies.

25-28 September 2017
Lublin & Rzeszów, Poland

Improving Public Service Delivery at Local Level: Insights from Poland
The study visit provided an opportunity for a selected group of Ukrainian stakeholders from L’viv Oblast to learn from the Polish experience and discuss common challenges to decentralisation, particularly in relation to multi-level governance, co-ordination mechanisms and public service delivery at local level. The study visit offered an opportunity to get first-hand experience of practices put in place in the Polish cities of Lublin and Rzeszów for more effective public service delivery. The visit included a one-day capacity building seminar on “Public Service Delivery at the Local Level: The case of Poland” combined with a series of bilateral meetings with regional and municipal authorities.

18 July 2017
Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Fostering Inter-Municipal Co-operation for Improved Public Service Delivery (English | Українськa)
This capacity-building seminar provided a platform for the local authorities of Zhytomyr, its region and neighbouring localities to exchange on the experiences and challenges they face in fostering co-operation with other localities, and to discuss how OECD countries use inter-municipal co-operation for more efficient public service delivery at a local level.    

22 June 2017
Lviv, Ukraine

Enhancing Public Investment across Levels of Government
This capacity-building seminar explores how the OECD Council’s Recommendation on Effective Public Investment across Levels of Government can help Ukraine further strengthen sub-national finance and sub-national investment practices in the context of the country’s ongoing decentralisation reform.

24-27 April 2017
Brussels, Belgium 

Supporting Local Public Service, Subnational Finances and Regional Development: Insights from Flanders
The study visit combined a series of bilateral meetings with regional and municipal authorities, visits to EU and Flemish institutions, as well as focus groups with Flemish stakeholders, to discuss the challenges and the lessons learnt for regional and  city planning, regional development, service delivery and public finance management at sub-national level.

15 March 2017
Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Supporting Decentralisation in Ukraine: Strengthening the subnational Partnership  
This capacity-building seminar explored the impact and implementation of Ukraine’s decentralisation process at the sub-national, and specifically municipal level. Ukrainian officials and policy makers shared their experience in decentralisation reform and impact with respect to administrative, investment and service delivery capacities.
26-27 January 2017
Kyiv, Ukraine
Implementing Decentralisation and Deconcentration Reforms in Ukraine: Sharing OECD Country Experience
This capacity-building seminar focused on the experiences of selected OECD countries (Sweden, Poland, France and the Netherlands) and Colombia (an OECD accession country) in implementing decentralisation and territorial reforms, as well as approaches to regional development policy.


Ms. Gabriela Miranda
Country Manager Ukraine
OECD Eurasia Division

Mr. Jibran Punthakey
Policy Analyst
OECD Eurasia Division

The project was launched in September 2016 in the framework of the OECD-Ukraine Action Plan. It is jointly implemented by the OECD Regional Development Policy Committee and the OECD Eurasia Competitiveness Programme, with the financial support of the EU Delegation in Ukraine and the Governments of the Czech Republic, Flanders (Belgium) and Poland. 

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