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  • 28-January-2015


    Reforms needed to boost productivity and accelerate convergence in Estonia, OECD says

    The underlying strengths of the Estonian economy have helped it bounce back from the crisis, but some challenges remain to finding a steeper, more inclusive and more sustainable growth path, according to the latest OECD Economic Survey of Estonia.

  • 18-March-2014


    Society at a Glance 2014

    This edition of Society at a Glance addresses the growing demand for quantitative evidence on social well-being and its trends with a special chapter on the social consequences of the global crisis.

  • 29-May-2013


    Austria, Luxembourg and Singapore among countries signing-on to end tax secrecy

    As a further sign of international efforts to crack down on tax offenders, 12 more countries have signed, or committed to sign, the OECD’s Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. In addition, another 6 countries have ratified the Convention.

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  • 1-October-2012


    Estonia must reform to ward against boom/bust cycles, OECD says

    Estonia recovered forcefully from the global economic crisis but growth has since slowed, highlighting the need for further reforms that reduce exposure to external shocks and ensure against future boom/bust cycles, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Survey of Estonia.

  • 14-September-2011


    Education: crisis reinforces importance of a good education, says OECD

    People with university degrees have suffered far fewer job losses during the global economic crisis than those who left school without qualifications, according to the latest edition of the OECD’s annual Education at a Glance.

  • 27-May-2010


    Accession : OECD welcomes Chile, Estonia, Israel and Slovenia

    OECD countries welcomed four new members – Chile, Estonia, Israel and Slovenia – at their annual Council meeting at ministerial level.

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  • 10-May-2010


    Accession : Estonia, Israel and Slovenia invited to join OECD

    OECD countries agreed today to invite Estonia, Israel and Slovenia to become members of the Organisation, paving the way for the Organisation’s membership to grow to 34 countries.

  • 25-February-2010

    English, , 40kb

    Estonia - statement to OECD Agriculture Ministerial Meeting 2010

    Statement by Mr Helir-Valdor Seeder, Minister of Agriculture, to the OECD Agriculture Ministerial Meeting 2010

  • 21-November-2007


    New comparison of GDP and consumption based on purchasing power parities for the year 2005

    The OECD, in partnership with Eurostat, ROSSTAT and CISSTAT, has calculated benchmark purchasing power parities (PPPs) for GDP and consumption for the year 2005 for 55 countries following a common methodology. The calculation covers the 30 member countries of the OECD, the 27 member states of the European Union, ten CIS countries, six Western Balkan countries and Israel. The results will be included into the forthcoming release of