Scaling-up Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity


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OECD work on "Scaling-Up Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity" considers the opportunities for scaling-up finance for biodiversity from six so-called "innovative financial mechanisms", as classified under the Convention on Biological Diversity. These are:

  • environmental fiscal reform;
  • payments for ecosystem services;
  • biodiversity offsets;
  • markets for green products;
  • biodiversity in climate change funding; and
  • biodiversity in international development finance.

Drawing on literature and more than 40 case studies worldwide, the book addresses the following questions:

  • What are these mechanisms and how do they work?
  • How much finance have they mobilised and what potential is there to scale this up?
  • What are the key design and implementation issues – including environmental and social safeguards – that need to be addressed so that governments can help ensure these mechanisms are environmentally effective, economically efficient and distributionally equitable?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Global biodiversity loss: Key issues
Chapter 2. The role of finance mechanisms in biodiversity conservation and sustainable use
Chapter 3. Environmental fiscal reform
Chapter 4. Payments for ecosystem services
Chapter 5. Biodiversity offsets
Chapter 6. Markets for green products
Chapter 7. Biodiversity in climate change funding
Chapter 8. Biodiversity in international development finance
Chapter 9. Comparing across the mechanisms: Insights and lessons

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