Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

The water challenge: OECD's response


The OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050: The Consequences of Inaction focuses on the four items identified as most pressing in previous OECD work. Water is one of them. The Outlook documents increasing competition between water users to access the resource. Farmers, and the environment, will have to compete with cities, energy suppliers, and several industries, to get the water they need. This create new risks (if any water user does not have access to the volume and quality of water it needs) and trade-offs (how should water be allocated between competing users?). OECD work on water aims at facilitating the reform of water policies, so that they are better attuned to these and related challenges.  The OECD will be participating in the 7th World Water Forum (WWF) in Korea from 12-17 April 2015.


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           Water governance

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                Water Security

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     Water and Climate Change

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 Water resources management

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      Water use in agriculture

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  Private sector participation
     in water infrastructure
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Drinking water supply and sanitation

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               Aid for water

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EAP Task Force in EECCA region

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