Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

Presentations from the Biodiversity and Climate Experts Workshop, 26 March 2008


SESSION 1: Incentives for Capturing Carbon and Biodiversity Benefits of Forests

  • Incentives to Mitigate Deforestation: Total Economic Value and Capturing Ecosystem Benefits, Katia Karousakis (OECD) PDF
  • REDD under the UNFCCC: Summary of Outcomes in Bali, Jenny Wong (UNFCCC Secretariat) PDF
  • REDD and Biodiversity Benefits: The CBD Perspective, Markus Lehmann (CBD Secretariat) PDF


SESSION 2: Climate Change and Biodiversity Benefits: Linkages, Synergies and Limitations

  • Forest Carbon and Other Ecosystem Services: Synergies between the Rio Conventions, Jan Fehse (Ecosecurities) PDF
  • Linkages, Synergies and Limitations between Climate Change and Biodiversity Benefits, Katia Karousakis (OECD) PDF
  • Frameworks for Reducing Emissions and Conserving Biodiversity by Avoiding Deforestation : Potential cost-sharing arrangements and mechanisms for bundling payments, David Huberman (IUCN) PDF
  • Methodological Issues: Monitoring Reporting, Verification of Biodiversity and Carbon Benefits, Markus Lehmann (CBD) PDF and Jan Corfee-Morlot (OECD) PDF


SESSION 3: Practical Experience from Case Studies and Lessons Learned

  • The Mexican PSA-CABSA – Capturing the Carbon Sequestration and Biodiversity Benefits, Carlos Muñoz Piña (National Institute of Ecology, Mexico) PDF
  • Lessons Learned from the Noel Kempff Climate Action Project, Natalia Calderon (FAN, Bolivia) PDF
  • Targeting and Implementing Payments for Multiple Ecosystem Services : Theory and Application in Madagascar, Rosimeiry Portela (Conservation International) PDF
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions from Deforestation in the Ulu Masen Ecosystem, Aceh, Indonesia, Evan Bowen-Jones (Flora and Fauna International) Power Point Presentation Workshop 26 March 2008 Session 3 (4)


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