Forthcoming - Q2 2018

  • Biodiversity and Development: Mainstreaming and managing for results

    This report will focus on three key areas: mainstreaming biodiversity and development objectives at the national and sectoral levels (e.g. in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry), and how to monitor and evaluate mainstreaming performance.


Mainstreaming biodiversity into sectoral policies

Biodiversity Offsets


Working Papers

Support to fisheries: Levels and impacts

The OECD Fisheries Support Estimate (FSE) database collects and classifies information on budgetary transfers to the fisheries sector in 31 countries that together account for 35% of global fisheries landings. In 2015, the most recent year, it inventories policies and programmes totalling USD 7 billion. Most of this support is found to be directed towards general services to the fishing sector, mainly in the form of fisheries management costs, but also for, inter alia, infrastructure, research and stock enhancement.

Key Ingredients, Challenges and Lessons from Biodiversity Mainstreaming in South Africa

This paper provides an in-depth review of experiences and insights from mainstreaming biodiversity and development in South Africa. More specifically, it describes how biodiversity considerations have been mainstreamed in five key sectors/areas, namely: land use planning, mining, water, infrastructure, and the agricultural sector.