Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

Events on biodiversity


The OECD maintains an active progamme of biodiversity-related events:

  • International conferences dedicated to biodiversity issues – where recent OECD work is shared and further discussed with government officials and biodiversity experts from all over the world.
  • Sessions in key events in the international biodiversity agenda, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Conference of the Parties (COP) – where policy messages from recent and on-going work are showcased.
  • Workshops and expert meetings that help implement the OECD programme by providing an opportuinity to receive and discuss expert input into OECD projects.

A list of recent and upcoming events can be found below. More information about participation possibilities and outcomes can be obtained trough the links provided. In addition, OECD experts are often called to make biodiversity-related presentations in international events, and to provide expert input to global or regional processes.

Recent Event

February 2015

Joint OECD ENV-DCD Workshop on Biodiversity and Development: Mainstreaming & Managing for Results, Paris, 18 February.

This workshop, jointly convened by the Environment and the Development Co-operation Directorates, brought together over 85 representatives from the biodiversity and development co-operation communities to share experience and insights on the key opportunities and challenges to mainstreaming biodiversity into development policies and planning and into development co-operation.

 Past Events

October 2014 OECD participated in the following events at the Twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity (COP12), Pyeongchang, Korea, 6-17 October 2014;
  • October 8th   – 13:15  SCBD side event: Tracking and Reporting on CBD 0related Resource Mobilization: Successes and Challenges
  • October 13th – 13:15  RBINS and UNDP side event: Capacity building and mainstreaming of Biodiversity in Development Cooperation
  • October 13th – 18:15  OECD side event: Incentives and Finance for Biodiversity
  • October 14th – 10:30  Biodiversity Summit for Cities: The Green Creative Economy
  • October 16th – All day Rio Pavilion side event: Transformative Initiatives in Biodiversity Mainstreaming and Financing
June 2014 OECD participation at CBD WGRI-5 (16-20 June 2014, Montreal): Plenary presentation on Resource Mobilisation and Side-event on Tracking and Reporting on Resource Mobilisation.
June 2014 OECD participation at the No Net Loss Conference, London, UK (3-4 June 2014). OECD presents at roundtable discussion on Finance and NNL.
March 2014 OECD World Wildlife Day statement, 3 March 2014: "We must toughen our policies to improve the conservation and sustainable use of our natural resources and wildlife,” says OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría.
November 2013 International Expert Workshop on Biodiversity Offsets, 6-7 November 2013. This workshop brought together government, the private sector, IGO's, NGO's, and other experts and practitioners, so as to exchange experience and lessons learned on the key opportunities and challenges associated with biodiversity offset schemes.
September 2013 OECD participation at BIOECON - Panel discussion on Biodiversity Offsets, 18-20 September 2013, Cambridge, United Kingdom
May 2013 OECD participation at the 7th Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity, 27-31 May 2013, Norway, with the release of the OECD publication "Scaling-up Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity"
May 2013 International Day for Biological Diversity - OECD Insights: Why biodiversity matters, 22 May 2013 
February 2013 Seminar on the assessment of ecosystem services and its use for public policies, organised jointly by the OECD and the General Commission for Sustainable Development (Commissariat général au Développement Durable-CGDD), 1 February 2013, OECD Conference Centre
October 2012 OECD side event at CBD COP-11: 11th Meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity, 8-19 October 2012, Hyderabad, India
May 2012 International Workshop on Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity: Examining Opportunities and Challenges, convened by the OECD, the World Bank, GEF and the EC, together with Sweden and India, 12 May 2012, Montreal, Canada

March 2012

Presentation by Simon Upton, OECD Environment Director, of the Biodiversity Chapter to the OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050 at TEEB Conference 2012: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Mainstreaming the Economics of Nature: Challenges for Science and Implementation, 19-22 March 2012, Leipzig, Germany

March 2011

Workshop on Mobilising Private Sector Finance for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use, 9 March 2011, OECD Conference Centre

Oct. 2010

OECD convened a Side Event at CBD COP 10, 18-29 October 2010, Nagoya, Japan

Sept. 2010

UN General Assembly Session on Biodiversity, 20-22 September 2010, New York, USA.

March 2010   

OECD Expert Workshop on Enhancing the Cost-Effectiveness of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES), 25 March 2010, OECD Conference Centre

February 2010

Conference on Biodiversity 2010: Getting the targets right - working for sustainable development, 1-5 February 2010, Trondheim, Norway

July 2009  

Workshop on Innovative International Financing for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use, 2 July 2009, OECD Conference Centre

May 2008

Side Event on OECD Work on the Economic Aspects of Biodiversity, 9th Meeting of the Conference of the Parites (COP9) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP9 CBD, 22 May 2008, Bonn, Germany

March 2008

Workshop on Incentives to Capture the Biodiversity and Carbon Benefits for Reducing Deforestation, 26 March 2008